Bangi Lama Branch

Facilities within our premises:

  • Free WiFi connection
  • Spacious parking area
  • Groceries and restaurants are available in front of the premise

Other amenities:
  • Table tennis
  • Orchard
  • Open ground (for canopy, weddings, activities, etc.)
  • Stage
  • Resting areas
  • Children playground (under construction)
  • BBQ pit (under construction)

9 Responses to Bangi Lama Branch

  1. Mardhiah says:

    ada tak khidmat dobi? atau tempat pelanggan boleh basuh dan sidai baju sendiri?

  2. yati says:

    Sewa mcm mane kira? Satu rumah ke bilik???

  3. agus says:

    Dear Bangi guest house
    I am from Indonesia want to visit Lembaga Perlesenan Tenaga Atom (AELB) for 1 weeks, from 30 November until 6 December 2014, And how to do reservation? If I stay at bangi guest house, what transportation to AELB from bangi guest house.

    I am waiting for information

    best regards

    Agus Waluyo

  4. mel says:

    Dear Bangi guest house
    I am from Sabah and will attend course for 2 weeks at Lembaga Perlesenan Tenaga Atom (AELB), May i know if there is any transportation to AELB from bangi guest house.

    best regards

    • bangihotels says:

      Dear Mel,

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      We’d be delighted if you’ll come and stay at BGH for 2 weeks. Our economy standard room is only RM70/ night while our standard room vary between RM80 to RM90/ night.

      In terms of transportation, since AELB is quite near, we may be able to get someone to send you there. Alternatively, we can also rent you a car and the price is between RM70 to RM100, depending on the length of usage. If you are interested, please contact Pn. Rapieh to confirm your reservation. Her contact no. is 017-2902779.

      ‘Alami suasana kampung’

  5. cris says:

    Dear Bangi Guest House,
    I’m from Sabah and will be attending course at UKM for 2 weeks. Is there any available room for 2 couples? I prefer the economy standard room. Thank you in advance.

    • bangihotels says:


      Thank you for your interest to stay in Bangi Guest House.

      We do have rooms to accommodate, however, can we please have the exact dates to check on the availability of the 2 economy standard rooms? Thank you.

      ‘Alami suasana kampung’

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